Is CBD Oil Legal?

Is CBD Oil Legal?

In short… Yes, CBD oil is legal to purchase and consume. In 2018 the Farm Bill passed and allowed for the growing, cultivation, and sale of hemp products.

Read on for more detailed information.

What does the law say about CBD oil?

A farm bill was signed in 2018 that allowed the farming, cultivation, and sale of hemp.

You’re probably thinking, “Hemp? What does that have to do with CBD?”

CBD is extracted from Hemp. CBD is federally legal. This is good news for people that suffer from chronic pain, nausea, and anxiety. Read more about how CBD helps with arthritis and correct dosages here.

However, marijuana is not federally legal and still depends on state laws. Technically, if the DEA wanted to go to a state where marijuana is recreationally legal (you’re allowed to buy and consume marijuana – similar to cigarettes) and bust all the dispensaries…

They could.

What states is CBD oil legal in?

This one is short, all states. CBD is legal in all states so long as the THC content stays below 0.3%.

What is the difference between marijuana, cannabis, and hemp?

Cannabis is the family of plants that hemp and marijuana are a part of. It’s the umbrella term. There are two main types of classifications for cannabis – Indica and Sativa. You may be familiar with these names.

If you’ve forgotten, sativa is known for relaxation while indica is known for a more energetic high.

Hemp is the species of the cannabis family of plants that has extremely low psychoactive effects. This is due to the extremely low content of THC, the compound that gets you “high.” Hemp usually has around 0.3% or lower THC content while typically marijuana has a content of 15% to 40% THC.

For more information, this great article was written to describe the differences between cannabis, marijuana, and hemp.

Where can I buy the best CBD oil?

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